Gaedeke Group is always looking for well-built Class A office properties in desirable markets. Here are some of the key considerations that drive our acquisitions.

The properties in our portfolio were carefully selected for their historically stable incomes, their presence in gateway cities and 24-hour markets, and their relative geographic diversity from coast to coast. With the help of a vast network of national and regional commercial real estate brokers, we continue to analyze and select those candidates that best suit our acquisition objectives. While each opportunity is judged on its own unique merits, our ideal acquisitions generally include:

Class A Office Buildings

  • Target markets: Boston, New York, South Florida, Southern California, San Francisco, Texas, and Washington, D.C.
  • Located in strong 24-hour central business districts, infill areas, or prime suburban sites
  • Constructed within the last 10 years
  • Stable rent rolls
  • Eight stories or more
  • Occupancy of 80 percent plus
  • RSF of 200,000 plus
  • No unresolvable environmental concerns

Stabilized Investments

  • Well-leased properties with future upside from rental growth and lease rollover
  • Seasoned rent rolls with moderate turnover
  • Properties bought on existing cash flow

Opportunistic Investments

  • Economically distressed properties
  • Buildings with rent and management deficiencies affecting occupancy and income
  • Properties requiring capital investments