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Rivalry on the pitch remains friendly in the office at German-owned company

June 26, 2014

WFAA by Mike Castellucci

DALLAS -- It was the middle of the day in the middle of a work week Thursday, but somehow, all these folks were able to get together to watch soccer on a big screen.

Work does go on, though, in office buildings around Dallas. On the 11th floor of Regency Plaza in Uptown, there not only is work, but conflict.

At The Gaedeke Group, there are brats and hot dogs. Black, red, and yellow, and red, white, and blue.

“If Germany wins, everybody keeps their job," said Gaedeke Group President Glenn Lickstein. "If USA wins, everybody will be happy."

The commercial real estate and oil and gas company catered to both sides Thursday.

“I think Germany probably needs to win,” Shelly Balch said.

“America, USA”, Megan Graham said.

Megan didn’t hide the fact she rooted for USA, but she’s new to the company. “I’ve got to pick my stance!” she said.

In the end, it seemed to work out here. Some cheering for USA, but chowing on brats.

No matter what their preference, one thing seemed universal: it was good to get out of work for a couple hours.

“From 8 a.m. to 11, I was diligently at my desk, working,” Shelly said.
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