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Security A Concern In Dallas Since Terror Threat

September 25, 2009

By Arezow Doost
DALLAS (CBS 11 / TXA 21)

Security has been a big concern for many tenants around downtown Dallas. One day after an arrest surrounding a local bombing plot, it was business as usual with an emphasis on safety procedures.

Friday afternoon, the FBI confirmed that a meeting was held between their organization, the Dallas Police Department and representatives of the tenants of Fountain Place.

Thousands of employees returned to work more alert after Hosam Smadi's arrest.

"I don't want to live my life in fear, so I don't worry about it," said Richard Wooster who works at the Fountain Place.

Some building employees say they still can't believe that Dallas was a target and though nothing happened they say this was a wake-up call.

Smadi was arrested Thursday after authorities' say he put what he thought was a car bomb in a parking garage. "It was really kind of freaky to know what could have happened," describes Fountain Place worker Rosemary McGinn. "This is the world today."

Tenants at Fountain Place say security procedures are being reviewed, but they aren't aware of the specifics.

"I used to manage that building [Fountain Place] in the 90's," said Dan Yates with the Gaedeke Group. The Gaedeke Group currently operates nine buildings across Dallas and since the local terror threat is now checking their security procedures. "We are patrolling our garages more frequently. We are patrolling our stairwells more frequently," he explained.

A spokesperson with the City of Dallas says there are no plans to increase security in downtown buildings, including city hall.

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