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See How Gaedeke Group Prevents H1N1

October 1, 2009

Barry Carpenter The 33 News


H1N1 is causing all kinds of health problems, and now you can add manufacturing issues to the list. The crunch to produce the H1N1 vaccine has cut into production of the seasonal flu vaccine.

Passport Health Executive Director Arthur Dawson received official word today from his supplier that he'll get about 2,000 fewer doses than expected. He says his company was holding as many as twenty on-site flu clinics a day, on Friday, it will be one.

"We've been told by the manufacturers if you don't have it already reserved and promised, you probably aren't going to get anymore." Says Dawson.

The Gaedeke Group manages nine buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth. Regional Manager Dan Yates has a game plan to keep workers healthy. Touchless hand sanitizers are everywhere, workers get more sick days and janitors clean more often with a high powered sanitizer. Yates doesn't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but he says the Gaedeke message for sick workers is, stay home.

"We've got some die hard workers in the world, there is no doubt about that and they want to be here everyday, but I think people are going to be thinking twice about it and folks will say, don't come in if you're not feeling well, we don't want it, don't spread it around." Says Yates.

In addition to the seasonal flu vaccine shortage, Texas is going to get half the swine flu vaccine it expected. The delays and shortages are enough to make health officials sick. Dallas County Heath Director Zachary Thompson says the dated keep changing.

"One time were hearing Texas was going to get 3.5 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine. Now, we're hearing we are getting half the order, now we hear the middle of October as a delivery date, first of October, now at the end of October."

Back at Passport Health, Arthur Dawson looks at his dwindling supply of seasonal flu vaccine, and says he sees the future.

"It gets worse, that's what happens."

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